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Coming this fall - a revolution in the sport of Dog Agility designed with competitors in mind.

What makes AC United different?

AC United is a new competitive venue modeled after international agility standards. We've reached a tipping point and the community has spoken. We're building up a database of courses and infrastructure to help hosts put on FCI style events. Our mission is to make competitive agility available to those craving more challenge and true international designs. Several influencers with decades of collective experience in all aspects of the sport of Dog Agility have contributed ideas and time to the start of this exciting new venture. We want to hear from YOU as well, so please let us know your thoughts.

Competitor driven

AC United is competitor driven. Every member will have voting rights with respect to most aspects of the venue. An oversight committee will help guide the overall direction with input from all members. Once a member, you're a member for life. One time fee and a lifetime of access to all results.

Course design focused

Focus is on course design. As a member, you'll have full access to our course library for training. As a host, you'll have access to purchase competitive designs for your events. Judges/Designers get paid for use of courses in competiton. Challenging and safe designs are paramount to the venue. With course minimums of ~9000 sq ft, wing jumps required, optional equipment (collapsed tunnel, table, tire), and appropriate contact approaches and challenges.


Complete transparency. We're all about being open and upfront with our community. As a member, you'll have access to financial reports. Members can win back their entry fees and earn credits for signing up other members. Judges/Designers will know exactly how their courses are used in competition.

Key features

Even more reasons to join AC United...

01. Designers get paid

Desginers can earn cash for their designs. Submit a course to the library for use and when the course is purchased for competition use, designers get paid for their work. A portion of the fees are reserved for year end awards.

02. Competitors can win big

Competitors have the opportunity to win back their entry fees. Recording fees collected for entry will be reserved for end of year awards. Financial reports for fees will be made available for all members.

03. Low entry and member fees

Hosts can earn money to support hosting events, yet entry fees are capped and meant to be reasonable. One time membership fee is in place to help support the organization's operation. Members have the opportunity to earn credits by bringing on new members. No dog registration fees ever.

04. Compete across the globe

Global yearly rankings and payouts. Rank yourself against members across the globe on courses from the library used in competion and win cash for your performance in competition.

05. International Standards

Rulebook is currently being written and modeled after true international standards. Members will have voting rights to help shape the direction of the organization. Often trends and equipment changes over time have lagged behind in other organizations, at AC United, you'll have an opportunity to vote on organization change.

06. No levels

There are plenty of organizations in play globally. AC United is different. You compete against everyone in your height division. Over time, you can advance your rank by besting other members, fostering a true competitive spirit.

Feel free to contact us

Do not hesitate to drop us a couple of lines and let us know what you are thinking. We're launching Fall of 2016 and would love to have your feedback.


We'd like to hear from you.

Please let us know if you have any thoughts or suggestions. We're finishing up the rules and other details, so now's your chance to add to the initial ruleset.

Don't worry if you miss the start, every member will have voting rights to help shape the direction of AC United.